Fully Integrated LSM Ecosystem

We Konnect and manage all of your digital resources, agencies and partners to create the optimal environment to win locally.

What is an
LSM Ecosystem?

The HubKonnect Total Solution provides you with a custom digital ecosystem to fully harness the power of individual location data across your entire company. We configure, manage, train, and assemble all resources to maximize our AI Platform for each of our partners.

From Digital Asset Management to Mobile Apps, we create the tools needed for our technology to accelerate growth at the local level. We streamline, manage, eliminate redundancies, and support the Local Store Marketing Ecosystem to create a fully modernized, data-driven LSM solution for your multi-unit retail organization.

The Magic of our A.I. Brain

Our Award Winning Platform Continuous Learning AI Algorithms allow us to understand what local marketing initiatives are working best, and who is using them and then quickly make recommendations to similar locations based on ongoing learnings and performance across the client‘s system. Our AI Brain analyzes, measures, and targets the consumers you care about.  

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Reach out to see how we can configure, customize, and manage all your ecosystem resources to ensure users of the platform have the right idea, timing, channel, assets, and execution partners to win locally. We become a true extension to your current team and field marketing support as we rocket you into the future of LSM.