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Michael Koch

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Michael is an originating pioneer of the Global Digital Production, SaaS, Artificial Intelligence, and Cognitive Computing industries. His expertise lies in developing new ventures and high performance tech platforms that are able to grow rapidly, effectively, and globally.

Previously, Michael served as Founder & CEO of four privately held technology companies, that he built and sold over the course of over a decade. His teams have delivered in over 79 countries worldwide and built a leading enterprise platform for over 14,000 McDonald’s locations.

Michael is also a very popular speaker in Silicon Valley and at Top Universities.

Kathy Hartman

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Kathy Hartman has led Local Store Marketing (LSM) for McDonald’s on both the agency and corporate level-supporting over 44,000 locations worldwide. She is a trading area expert and a builder of technology solutions supporting sales building and local marketing efforts.

In addition, she has worked with start-ups, multi-unit organizations and local businesses—all of whom depended upon LSM to drive their sales and customer counts.

Training thousands of local marketers throughout her career; her passion and knowledge of LSM is unsurpassed.

Kevin Newell

Executive Advisor

Kevin’s deep knowledge of the multi-layer marketing initiatives that a retail organization requires and his experience in building global brands, directly relates to aiding in the acceleration of HubKonnect. He understands how to amplify global and national strategies at the local level and the need to equip operators to make local marketing decisions to drive community connections.

Kevin is the former Global Chief Brand Officer of McDonald’s Corporation and previously served as President of McDonald’s West Zone. His extensive career in marketing and brand building bring a unique perspective to driving business across all levels…worldwide to local neighborhoods.


Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

Kirby is HubKonnect’s Intelligent Brain that creates custom local marketing plans for our franchise clients. Kirby loves object recognition, machine learning, natural language processing and is an expert in structured and unstructured data. Over his career he has been 99.9% correct, yet his charming personality has an uncanny abilty to not to make any mere human feel intellectually inferior.

Kirby loves virtual travel and has literally been to every local trading area known to man. Brainstorming ideas is his favorite passtime and he is known for his fresh and innovative plans. A true renaissance brain of the 21st century, as Kirby calls it: The First Century of the 3rd Millenium.