Former McDonald’s Global Data Insights Chief Joins HubKonnect Advisory Board

Rand Will Provide Unprecedented Local Marketing Optimization Knowledge to LSM AI Industry Leader

HubKonnect, Inc. today announced an addition to its Advisory Board. The Board of Directors and CEO Michael Koch have appointed Jim Rand as Senior Advisor of the company, effective July 31st. 

Rand is the former Sr. Vice President of Global Data Insights and Development for McDonald’s and led the restaurant giant through its most prosperous era. Rand is one of the world’s most innovative leaders in trading area data. He developed and accelerated the use of local community insights to create data-driven marketing tactics that have become the industry standard for Quick Service Restaurants. 

“Jim provides us with unprecedented knowledge of local market optimization,” said HubKonnect CEO Michael Koch. “His vast experience with trading area analysis and global insights implemented hyper-locally will ensure we continue to lead QSR and AI, customer-relevant local marketing.” 

HubKonnect is a continuously learning platform that collects and analyzes millions of data points and creates strategic, customized Local Store Marketing (LSM) plans for individual franchise and multi-unit locations. 

“Jim is one of the foremost authorities and the go-to guy for data insights into individual locations,” said HubKonnect Executive Advisor, Kevin Newell, former McDonald’s Global Chief Brand Officer. “He completely revolutionized how local trading area data is used to drive sales and transactions across the industry. He is a great addition to our advisory team.” 

Jim will interact with HubKonnect Leadership, data scientists, technologists, and marketing experts to continue accelerating the platform roadmap to service the world’s leading QSR and retail organizations. 

HubKonnect brings Local Marketing expertise and innovative technology together to enable local franchises to build intelligent and custom Local Store Marketing plans that deliver on brand, sales, and engagement objectives. 

“Understanding the importance of daily customer opportunities can only be solved by LSM,” Rand said. “HubKonnect is the most cutting edge, data-driven resource that every QSR needs to implement to help identify and prioritize a program that will optimize daily sales in every trade area.” 

About HubKonnect: HubKonnect’s cognitive AI platform suggests customized local marketing ideas based upon an analysis of the specific customers and opportunities within an individual retail location. HubKonnect provides an immediate benefit for the top franchises in the world by providing local marketing expertise to individual franchise locations. Visit for more information.