HubKonnect Continues to Grow as AI Leader in Restaurant Technology


New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – April 7, 2022) – HubKonnect is an
award-winning AI platform that has risen to the top of the quick-service
restaurant technology globally. Under the leadership of Michael Koch, this AI
platform is being used by top companies and growing at a high velocity that
can only be accelerated by fearless leadership.

The HubKonnect AI brain utilizes millions of real-world data points to develop
an instantaneous local marketing strategy. These customized programs
immediately assist franchisees in capitalizing on their unique sales
development potential in each location with a data-driven tactic, timing,
channel, and smart asset.

Michael Koch scaled this platform along with one of the top leadership teams
in restaurant technology with his deep artificial intelligence expertise built
on the base of his 15-year career as a technology entrepreneur.

“I like to be the disruptive innovator behind the scenes, not beholden to
anyone, focusing on my company, people, the product, pushing technological
limits to build real-world technology that solves key business issues. I get
in the trenches with my teams, roll up the sleeves, and lead from the front,”
states Koch, the architect behind this successful AI platform.

With his strong C-Level client relationships and user experience expertise,
Koch is recognized as a leader who pushes his clients with innovation,
passion, and tenacity to always keep them at the forefront of technology and

He leads with a true independent spirit as HubKonnect has not taken a single
dollar of outside VC money. “Independence equals Innovation,” states Koch.

“I have always been a believer in building a company organically through real
sales growth, success, and creating your own value. I believe that is the best
way to see if you have a great product. That shows real value,” states Koch.

Koch’s leadership style is considered a startup mentality where he runs lean.
People, Clients, Technology and Culture. F50, Tops VCs, and Private Equity
have really taken notice of this maverick technology builder with the rapid
growth and success of HubKonnect.

“I am motivated by freedom and independence to create tech that provides real
value,” states Koch. “I need to be able to make decisions solely on instincts
and build a culture of innovation and always push the limits. To further the
life of innovation, Koch is the Chairman of the QSR AI Research Lab, where he
shares his expertise in developing high-performance technology and creating
AI. This Lab focuses on the research and development of Deep Learning, Machine
Learning Algorithms, large datasets, neural networks, and high-caliber
computing. Its mission lies in maturing AI technology for the restaurant
industry and beyond.”

Koch has quite a distinguished track record in founding and exiting his four
previous tech companies, winning numerous industry tech awards, Forbes Top 100
Power List, has been on the cover of Forbes Europe Twice, named Most
Influential Solutions Provider Executive by Nation’s Restaurant News, and won
AI innovation Awards for Machine Learning.

About HubKonnect:

HubKonnect is a data-driven local store marketing platform for multi-unit
organizations and franchises in the world. It was founded by Michael Koch, a
tech entrepreneur, and Kathy Hartman, a local marketing pioneer. The primary
focus of the company is building a powerful AI tool that can be put in the
hands of franchisees and multi-unit companies to maximize sales and
transactional growth inside their immediate trading area.