HubKonnect CEO Michael Koch Announces the Formation of the QSR AI Research Lab

Michael Koch today announced the creation of QSR AI Lab, a think tank that will focus on building and implementing continuous learning algorithms to solve the most pressing Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) business needs across Marketing, Supply Chain, Operations, Human Resources, and Equipment.

The Lab will accelerate QSR machine learning algorithm adoption, not only through research but by building and applying them to real business problems identified by top industry executives.

Michael Koch, the elected Chairman of the QSR AI Lab states, “This group will use AI to bring the restaurant industry real-world, tangible solutions. Our focus will be on utilizing AI to optimize supply chain, grow sales and transactions, enhance the customer experience and recruit ideal talent for the right positions.”

“The goal is to build smarter QSR and restaurant organizations that will lead to a new era of enhanced efficiency and experience,” Koch stated.

The AI QSR Lab has already made revolutionary strides in marketing algorithms with the launch of HubKonnect, a continuously learning platform that creates customized Local Store Marketing plans for QSR franchise locations utilizing AI.

The QSR AI Lab will begin to invite top QSR executives in 2018 to meet, discuss, and optimize the specific business areas through continuous learning algorithms that are created in the Lab.

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